Chrome Delete® Black Satin 1m x 50cm | 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080

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With these wider pieces you can easily put the rear chrome trims of, for example, a Tesla out of one piece of film. This wider piece is also very suitable for wider trims or a complete grill in the front bumper. 

Variant: 1m x 50cm

The 3M™ Wrap Film 2080 series is the new generation cast Car Wrap Film with a very thin transparent protective layer. 

Attention! This protective layer needs to be removed after application.  

Product features and benefits
- A protective film layer on glossy colors, after assembly quick, easy and clean to remove
- Unique, better 3D deformable film, more beautiful and tighter end result
- Controltac™ and Comply™ adhesive technology, faster assembly without air inclusions
- Non visible air release channels with low initial adhesion, easily repositionable


Specification Description
Finish Satijn
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