World Wide Wrap™ was founded in 2015 due to a lack of general information about carwrapping. Years of knowledge and experience were brought together by joining forces with suppliers, manufacturers and other wrappers behind the scenes. World Wide Wrap™ quickly became the largest carwrap community in Europe with more than 20,000 active followers on Facebook within a year. The goal was to provide the consumer market from a neutral point of view with honest information about carwrap, its various materials and applications, the carwrappers and wrapshops themselves, and the developments within the industry. By starting the discussion about price competition and material differences in a market that was only in its infancy in some countries, quality came more to the surface. Avery Dennison® Europe was the first party to enter into a partnership with World Wide Wrap™. A leading company that has already proven itself in the signing and wrapping industry with its high-quality films. A leading brand. AAA quality. 

The initiative to set up Chrome Delete was born in 2016. It facilitates the work in the wrapshops and saves material, processing time, preparation, and is easy and safe to put away because of the protective reel and packaging. And again Avery Dennison® was the first party we partnered with because we only wanted to convert the rolls from the best materials. In the end, Chrome Delete became a freestanding brand due to its growth and branding. And because many wrapshops nowadays still choose to process the material themselves at the cutting tables, we entered the consumer market. With success. Chrome Delete now supplies the rolls throughout Europe and we work with the best people, the best suppliers and the best manufacturers from all over the world. So that we can offer you the best product. 

Do you need help? Are you looking for information or advice? If we don't have the right knowledge or experience needed, we certainly have the right person in our network for you! You can easily reach us via or 


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